Learning Goal: I’m working on a management writing question and need guidance to

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management writing question and need guidance to help me learn.The fifth case study is UBS: A Pattern of Ethics Scandals on p. 524. All the materials needed are attached ( please read them, especially the case study based on which this work be completed and the Guideline which contains vital information – the paper will score the paper based on the guideline). The final work should be approximately 4 pages, single spaced, Times New Roman , 12 excluding cover and reference page. This is a writing task which means that is mandatory to approach academic vocabulary and no grammar errors – the paper will be check in depth for coherency as I am a native english speaker and can not accept papers which are not properly written. Also,the deadline is fixed so please try to deliver the work in the given time frame.The relevant chapters are Ch. 11 (Organizational Design: Structure, Culture, & Control) and Ch. 12 (Corporate Governance & Business Ethics). Some issues to consider: What is it about UBS’s culture that led to these ethical lapses?
What role did UBS’s corporate structure play in the lapses?
What was UBS’s control and reward system?
What was UBS’s ethics approach?
Were these cases an example of “bad apples” or a “bad barrel”? (See section 12.3).
Consider the following questions:Where is the individual(s) and/or the organization(s) at the time that the mini-case was written?
Where does the individual(s) and/or the organization(s) need to go?
How should the individual(s) and/or the organization(s) get there?
Review the questions I provide in the assignment.
Do research on the company in question. What can you find out about its strategic direction, decisions, and financial and other performance? Do not use Wikipedia, Reddit, Quora, or similar web resources. Instead research business related publications.
Identify the problem(s) presented in the case. What issues and patterns can you identify? What are the relevant facts? How did they impact the organization? Who was responsible for the problems?
Evaluate the internal and external situation presented in the case study. What strategies were used?
What were other possible strategies that could have provided a solution? What would the company have needed to do to carry out the alternative strategies? Were they feasible?
Identify what solution you would have used if you were at the company. Why? What are the pros and cons of the solution?
The following serves as an outline for this work and all these elements MUST be approached: Introduction: what are the key issues and problems in the case. Thesis: summarize the outcome of your analysis in 1-2 sentences. Background: what brought the company to the place it was at the point of the case. What was the state of the industry? What strategies did the company pursue? What were the results? Alternatives: identify and evaluate three alternatives to the strategies that the company actually pursued in the case. What could they have done differently? Are the alternatives feasible? What are the constraints? Pros and cons of each? Proposed Solution: make a recommendation as to what strategy you would have pursued. Why? Explain pros and cons. Back up the solution with solid support (research, concepts from the text, etc.) Recommendations: give and explain three recommendations for action steps for the company that would have moved them towards your proposed solution. Conclusion: make your final argument. References: provide three references from the relevant chapters of the text AND three references from external resources.

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