Learning Goal: I’m working on a management test / quiz prep and need support to

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management test / quiz prep and need support to help me learn.1-Sany Heavy Industry Company, Ltd. Is China’s largest producer of heavy equipment (and 5th largest globally). Sany’s businesses consist of cranes, road construction machinery, port machinery, and pump over machinery. Some technologies used in the production and in its products are similar which makes transferring knowledge across these businesses easier to accomplish. Additional similarities exist in customers and markets served. Sany invests 5 percent of sales in R&D and through the end of 2019 held 3,303 patents. It has developed new post-doctoral research centers to attract top research scientists. Sany is positioning itself to improve its global position through acquisitions, the establishment of subsidiaries in many countries, and the relocation of its headquarters. a. What corporate diversification strategy is being pursued by Sany? What evidence do you have that supports your position? b. Why does a firm such as Sany (in the heavy equipment industry) spend so much of its revenue on R&D and innovation? c. Given that it is now seeking international expansion, how do you expect the judgement against it (patent and trade secret infringement case) to affect its growth prospects outside of China? 2- As a strategic leader, would you feel ethically responsible for developing your firm’s human capital? Please explain why. Do you believe that your position is consistent with the majority or minority of today’s strategic leaders? (See Chapter 12) 3- Why is the strategic control exercised by a firm’s strategic leaders important for long-term competitiveness? How do strategic controls differ from financial controls? (See Chapter 11, slides 5-8)
Requirements: around 500 words each question and a attached CH11 & CH12 for your reference

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