Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need support to help me

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need support to help me learn.The goal for this assignment is to prepare a report and presentation to the CEO and other executives of ways to raise capital for the company.BackgroundYou work for a private corporation. The corporation is in need of capital. One member of the board has suggests, “Let’s go public!” You are a financial analyst for the company. You are not too sure that simply “going public” will solve the company’s need for capital. The CEO, you have been interning for, asks you to evaluate the situation and present whether or not an IPO is the best choice. The CEO would also like options to raising capital another way.In order to accomplish everything that the CEO wants, she has agreed to let you do substantial research into companies that have failed and succeeded, and use those companies as a guide. She needs options. She needs reasons why each option may succeed or fail. She must present to the Board of Directors and needs real answers from you.Do your research and design a report and presentation to present to the CEO and other executives.
Review the article from Investopedia Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Research Companies that have gone public. You can begin with companies such as Google, Amazon, and Zoom.
Review the financials for Google’s Financial Statements
Amazon Financial Statements
Zoom Financial Statements
Research 2 companies of your choice- 1 that had a successful IPO and one that had a disastrous IPO. Note these companies in your report as you discuss the pros and cons.Research ways to raise capital, include the pros and cons of each.
Complete your report with the following components: a) Ways to raise capital for the company. b) Why you should go public (IPO)? c) The process of going IPO. d) The pros and cons of IPO. e) The cost for the company to go public.
Upload the report and presentation

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