Learning Goal: I’m working on a macro economics discussion question and need sup

Learning Goal: I’m working on a macro economics discussion question and need support to help me learn.“If you’re an economist, what about your contribution to Vision 2030?… discuss”. https://www.vision2030.gov.sa/ You are required to reply to at least two peer responses to this week’s discussion question. Your replies need to be substantial and constructive in nature.please write the discussion above with references & reply to the peers below thank you.peer1: When Prince Mohammed Bin Salman takes a higher place in the government, he set up a new vision that is 2030 vision. This vision aim to reach many things such as raise the welfare in the city, decrease the unemployment rate of the citizens and which is the most important thing is to add more income sources to the country. Nowadays, you can hang out for many places. Furthermore, the number of the public garden has increased. In addition, the government started work in King Salman Park that will be the largest park in the world. All of these is to reach the welfare living for the citizen and the foreigners to reach on of the 2030 goals. Indeed, we notice that how the labour office is strict with the companies to the Saudization, Moreover, they give more opportunity to the women to work. Consequently, due to the large number of the projects that the government do to reach the vision, the vacancy jobs become more available. Also, the unemployment rate has decreased. In addition, adding more income source such as entertainment, attracting the foreigners investors and vat. The entertainment let the citizens and the non-Saudi to stay and spend their money in the country rather than traveling to another country. Moreover, the country attract the tourist to visit the country that will reflect to the Saudi economy. Example, we see now in Riyadh season how many tourist come to KSA to see the season. According to Kuwait journalist, it was one airplane traveling from Kuwait to Riyadh every day, now more than 4 airplanes, most of them just came to see the season. Furthermore, they let to the foreigner investor to come to Saudi Arabia without a Saudi partner. This idea brought many investors, and it affect to the economy since the companies must hire Saudi citizens and pay tax. My contribution in the vision that I volunteered many times with the ministry of entertainment to do a festival such as Safari and Bolivard. In addition, I worked for many events that related to support the vision. My opinion for the vision is extremely optimistic since I see the difference in 4 years. However, even we faced the disaster Covid- 19 the vision until now is going well. peer2: Vision 2030 is Saudi Arabia’s big plan to restructure its economy by reducing the country’s reliance on oil through new initiatives to diversify into a variety of new industries ranging from financial services to high-end manufacturing, tourism, and entertainment and culture (Euromoney.com, 2021). It aspires to make the kingdom, the Middle East’s largest economy, into the most appealing investment, financial, and leisure destination in the region. Building new airports, ports, highways, and high-speed rail lines will cost hundreds of billions of dollars.If I am an economist, my contribution to Vision 2030 will be first to accelerate the construction of the global logistic hub. This is because the country has a strategic location which is at the crossroad of 3 continents of Asia, Europe and Africa(National Industrial Development and Logistics Program, 2020). As a result, by improving the efficiency, quality, and speed of logistic services, Saudi Arabia may expand its logistics hub capacity and build links with other nations. The second is to increase the construction of infrastructure that will be beneficial to increase the nations’ standard of living by providing access to more healthcare services and increase the quality of schools.

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