Learning Goal: I’m working on a humanities writing question and need a sample dr

Learning Goal: I’m working on a humanities writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Topic: (my notes from class are attached for your reference, some of the quotes and ideas might be helpful when you write the sample draft)Erotic Truth. Bechdel describes “erotic truth” as “a rather sweeping concept.” What does she mean by erotic truth? Using at least two other texts/films assigned for this class, one of which MUST BE FREUD, LACAN, OR PLATO, write an essay in which you explore the possible meanings of this phrase, “erotic truth” (as Bechdel seems to be using it).Requirements:Thesis. Your essay must be governed by a thesis that (a) responds directly to the essay topic, (b) is arguable, and (c) is stated at the end of the first paragraph having clearly defined all the central terms.Textual Support. Your thesis must be supported by major interpretive claims (topic sentences) that are supported by at least one appropriate quote or allusion per body paragraph. Your ability to select, interpret, and apply the appropriate textual evidence is key to doing well with the essay. Additionally, you should illustrate your argument with at least one example drawn from your own life, observations, or engagement with other texts, movies, plays, etc.Reasoning. You must consistently use and apply logical reasoning in developing your thesis.Writing. Your essay must be written well. There should be no awkward sentences, rough transitions between paragraphs, incoherent paragraphs, extraneous information/unnecessary sentences, typos, or stylistic errors.Book Edition: First Mariner Books Edition 2007 website: www.hmhco.com Screenshot of the book edition attached
Requirements: 5-7 pages, MLA, double space, 12 times new roman

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