Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical question and need support to he

Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical question and need support to help me learn.Histology part (PowerPoint + E poster )A (Morphology of Thyroid Carcinomas)1. The students should prepare a powerpoint on the given topic and do the oral presentation2. it is histology , don’t write anatomical or generally.3. Kindly refer books and online literature and prepare your presentation4. Try to use more images and pictures depending upon your topic5. Do not put excessive text and/or just do “Reading of slides”6. The powerpoint slides number should not be more than 15.7. The maximum time allotted for presentation is 20 minutesB)Hepatocellular carcinomaThe students should prepare an E-poster on the given topic1) it is histology , don’t write anatomical or generally.2. The topic for poster (hepatocelleular carcinoma)3. Prepare an eposter (soft copy only) for the given topic on paper of standard poster size4. Use atleast 1 picture of ‘gross appearance’ of the lesion (your topic)5. Use good quality pictures showing the histopathological features ofthe lesion6. Include good quality image/images from standard books, journals orinternet and labelling them and mention the references at the bottomof poster.7. Correct choice of background, poster layout and colours should bedone.8. Describe the important and relevant diagnostic histopathologicalpoints about the topic in the poster. (Do not overcrowd with too muchtext)9. Label the images appropriately for the diagnostic features present in it10.A foot note for each image is requiredCytology ( E poster only )Cytomorphology of Lipoma and Myxoid liposarcomaThe students should prepare an e-poster on the given topic.2. Poster should be sent as a soft copy3. This cytology activity , don’t write gen4. The given topic should be explained by using good quality pictures withappropriate labelling using arrows and description in foot notes for each picture.5. Tables can be added to mention characteristic cytomorphological findings anddifferential diagnosis for the given topic6. References should be present in the end7. Data and pictures can be taken from any source, provided due credit is given
Requirements: 3 parts   |   .doc file

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