Learning Goal: I’m working on a film report and need an explanation and answer t

Learning Goal: I’m working on a film report and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.————————— ——For essays, I think it would be better to narrow the topic a little and think about it in depth.I think it would be good to work in a form that delves a little bit by referring to the parts covered in the class.I think it might be possible to organize existing materials or reorganize familiar contents.I think it would be good if I said, ‘I will put my own perspective, my own thoughts, and my voice in writing’.Of course, in the process of organizing your thoughts (as is the case with thesis), eventually, if you studyThere may be articles already organized that are not my first thoughts. (It may be unreasonable to get there, but…)If I approach it with a slightly original perspective and the attitude of challenging my film analysis work,I wonder if it could be my own writing. (Essay in a style that is close to a thesis / Essay containing my thoughts and arguments)It is meaningful to deal with various things in general, butSince this is an essay of about 3 pages, it would be good if it was an article that thought about and searched a lot on a narrow topic, and organized/analyzed it in its own way.It’s hard to write because I write without fear, but it might be difficult,Basically, I think you can work in the form of ‘holding one’s own voice, thinking deeply and digging into it’~~ Font size – 10 or 11。 Number of lines/page – around 30 lines 。 If you have reference material, it is better to organize it at the end.(The plot is unnecessary or simple / It feels like this in the middle of telling the story of the movie from the beginning, I did not use such shorts!!! / All types of essay submissions are possible ^^The strategy of the Marvel movie, the movie history, an essay about the film director, the reason for the success of the movie? In some cases, such as film analysis, it is also possible to approach it outside of film analysis, and it is possible to submit it, but if you I wonder if it would be good. / or consultation/inquiry, etc. — through Q&A, etc.)
Requirements: A4 4pages

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