Learning Goal: I’m working on a economics multi-part question and need an explan

Learning Goal: I’m working on a economics multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.In this project, you will examine data that you acquired from a small private company that currently employs 171 people. Each year, this company completes a salary review of its employees. Information is collected about many variables including gender, the department they worked in, number of years worked at the company, starting salary, current salary, and a measure of the employee’s initial experience when they started working for the company. For the latter variable, a higher score indicates more experience when the person first started working for the company. Data contained in the payroll file 1. Before you start the analysis, you have to take a random sample of 150 cases out of 171 on file. To do this, you need to use the RandomSampler.xls file. Your teacher will show you how this can be done. The EXCEL statistical methods, described below, should be based on this sample of 150 cases. Make sure to keep a safe copy of your sample as you cannot use RandomSampler to reproduce the first sample. This question was answered and given by teacher whic is attached file 2. List of variables: Provide a list of all the variables. For each variable, this list should provide the name of the variable, a brief description of the variable, and an indication of its type (qualitative or quantitative). 3. Brief schedule: a) Preparing a summary table showing the average starting salary and the standard deviation for males and females according to their position within the company. Think carefully about the layout of the rows and columns in your table. In addition to the averages and standard deviations, you should also include the number of employees in each case. So each cell in the final table should contain 3 descriptive statistics – mean, standard deviation, and number of cases. b) Comment any combinations of gender and location (ie the cells in the table) c) Comment on the differences between males and females. • Comment on any differences between employee positions or level of responsibility. • Is there any indication that there are differences in starting salaries between the sexes with regard to their positions in the company? Explain your reasons. 4. Comparison of departments: There are four departments and the head of human resources wants to compare the structure of these departments. Her question can be asked this way: Does the proportion of workers in each job (for jobs 1, 2 and 3) stay the same as we move from one department to another? To make this comparison, prepare appropriate graphs, one for each section, and use them to compare the structure of the four sections. 5. Average salary increase per year: There have been complaints that female employees, unfairly, receive lower salary increases than their male colleagues. To examine this complaint, two questions must be separated: first, were the salary increases for women lower, and second, if they were different, were these differences unfair? We were asked to examine the first question: Was the female salary increase lower? Note that we have no information to determine whether the increases are fair or not. a) First create a new column containing the average annual salary increase for each employee. This needs some care. Assume that if an employee starts in 2020, they have been employed for one year; If they start in 2019, they have been employed for 2 years, etc. b) Use this to create a graph showing the distribution of the average salary increase per year. This first graph was created to get an idea of how the data is spread out. Comment on what you see. c) Now render the boxplots graphs side by side to get the average gain, divided by gender. Again, comment on what you see. 6. Write a brief closing paragraph. This should summarize the above observations and conclusions. For example, comment on: • gender and condition groups where the sample was very small, • Evidence for the existence of differences in starting salaries between the sexes. • whether the departments are similarly organized, • There are differences, if any, in the salary increase between the sexes.

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