Learning Goal: I’m working on a creative writing exercise and need support to he

Learning Goal: I’m working on a creative writing exercise and need support to help me learn.LENGTH: 850-1100 wordsTHE ASSIGNMENT: We have had two graded speeches this semester: the Informative Speech and the Persuasive Speech, both of which you recorded.Your final paper is a Self-Evaluation Critique. For this assignment, please re-watch the recordings of your two speeches and think about how you have progressed. Then write a comparative Self Evaluation in which you assess your own speech-making skills over course of the semester.An evaluation of your own presentation can assist you in capitalizing on your strengths and correcting your weaknesses. It may be difficult to be totally objective about yourself. Approach this assignment with an open mind and a clear set of criteria. Take note regarding the content, organization, language and delivery of your speeches.THE PAPERThis should be an actual paper, not a list of bullet points. Accordingly, your self-evaluation critique should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion.Note: Do not include the evaluation/peer feedback of others (including mine). The important thing is for you to sufficiently justify how you arrived at your conclusions. It’s your analysis. Do not write about what your classmates said, or what your instructor said about your presentation. This is your evaluation of your presentations. Ask yourself:What parts did you do well in these speeches, and what needs a little more work?Do you see improvements between the first, second and third speech?What would you do differently?You Must Include:Evidence/examples from your speeches to support your evaluations.Information about speech making from our modules and assigned readings to back up your ideas.Speech criteria, such as the ones listed below, and/or the rubric Download rubric as the main points of your analysis. What you focus on is up to you.For example, you could choose …Organization, delivery and language as your three main points, then list examples and evaluate your performance.Or you could write about Delivery alone with 3 main points: eye contact, vocal qualities and movement and how it relates to digital delivery.GUIDING QUESTIONS FOR SELF-ANALYSIS: The following questions will help in evaluating your speech presentation:IMPORTANT: DO NOT try to evaluate your speech using EVERY criteria below. This should have no more than 3 or 4 main points. You pick what you want to focus on, but there should be a logic behind your choice. Refresh your memory of these criteria by reviewing the corresponding lesson pages.ContentWas your content suitable for this audience? Was your content appropriate to the purpose and time limitations?Did you use rhetorical devises effectively?Were varied and interesting supporting data used? Organization Did your introduction contain an attention getter, thesis and preview? Were the main ideas clear? Were the main ideas sufficiently developed? Were the main ideas arranged in a recognizable pattern? Did transitions help provide the speech with unity and cohesion? Did your conclusion summarize and end the speech smoothly?LanguageWas your use of language use vivid and used imagery?Did your language use enhance the clarity of your speech?Did you create rhythm with your language choices? Did you use inclusive language?Were pronunciations correct?Delivery Was your voice varied with good projection? Did you maintain eye contact with your audience? Were your facial expressions varied, supportive and interesting?Were your gestures supportive or distracting? Overall Assessment (probably best to include in your conclusion) What features of your speech making will you want to use in future speeches? What features of your speech making will you want to change? How did you feel watching yourself on video?
Requirements: 1100 words

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