Learning Goal: I’m working on a business test / quiz prep and need guidance to h

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business test / quiz prep and need guidance to help me learn.Dear President Vestberg,My name is William D. Johnson I currently work as a Telesales Representative for Verizon Wireless over the past 4 years and I am currently a Father of 5 boys (3 step sons and 2 biological and my fiancé and I are pregnant with our 6 child. Over past 4 years I have obtain an Associate & Bachelor Degree in Business Administration concentration in Management from strayer University. I graduated with Associate in Arts in Business Administration on March 23, 2020 with a degree GPA of 3.385. I graduated with Bachelor of Business Administration Concentration in Management March 22, 2021. I am currently pursing a Master of Science In Management with current gpa of 3.5 and enrolled in two class MGT 500: Modern Management and CIS 500: Information Systems for Decision Making with A’s in both class. Sunday night my fiancé was given a notice of eviction due to fact we not able to pay our bills due my child support taking out double payments out my check and South Carolina Child Support saying Verizon not paying them the actual amount that is printed on my check stub and I can not afford a lawyer to fix the issue. Since Verizon paying for my school I can only apply for a better job but my application are denied based of experience.Sunday night my fiancé decided to take our three boys back to their dad who does the bare minimum and me and my fiancé have move in my parents house due to financial difficulties. I was wondering if you could help me save my family for Christmas. Me and my fiancé have been working trying to catch up the bills but we got too far behind. Now we about to lose everything.My family and I would be forever greatful Des- 8th grade, Andre- 6th grade, Jaiden & Liam in 2nd grade and Daniel in 4K. I am doing the best I can do by working and school but I just can’t give up if you have any advice or if our company has any means to help me and my family we would be greatly appreciate.I know that sending this email is not professional however I need assistance.Sincerely,William D. Johnson

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