Learning Goal: I’m working on a business project and need an explanation and ans

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.In search of a Communications and Public Relations Director for a medical device manufacturer based out of Ottawa, ONT.In response to an RFP, your team (a search consulting firm) will submit a bid in the form of a recorded presentation explaining why your firm should be selected for the project.You are to:1. Develop a profile of your ideal applicant by identifying up to 6 selection criteria (KSAOs).2. Establish a Recruitment Plan — specifying your targeted applicant pool, recruitment method/s, timeline and other relevant factors.Searching for a Communications and Public Relations Director A Canadian-based medical devices manufacturer, with a sizable share of the international market, seeks to fill a new position of Communications and Public Relations Director. This person will be responsible for both internal and external communications, including producing corporate newsletters, communicating with the press in public relations functions, coaching senior officers on ways to improve their presentation skills, communicating corporate directions (mission, vision statements) and policies to employees, and soliciting news from employees for reporting in corporate newsletters to enhance cohesiveness and shaping of the corporate culture. The CEO of the medical device manufacturer is inviting proposals from search consultants with established track record of success to present him with three (3) suitably qualified candidates within 90 days upon being awarded the project. Along with the HR director, the CEO will select from among the three (3) candidates recommended from the consultant. The job requirements developed from a job analysis are:§ Fluent in both written and spoken French and English;§ Excel in oral and written communication skills;§ Competent in social media marketing§ Strong relationship building skills with public officials and the media§ Competent to handle interdepartmental or interpersonal conflict effectively and remain calm under pressure;§ Proven ability to plan, organize, coordinate and work under tight timelines with conflicting demands;§ Able to solicit information and cooperation from others and overcome obstacles;§ Demonstrated ability to present relatively complex subject in easily understandable manner§ Able to coach senior officers to improve their communication and presentation skills;§ Competent to motivate and inspire others to embrace and support corporate policies and practices;§ Willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty.

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