Learning Goal: I’m working on a accounting question and need an explanation and

Learning Goal: I’m working on a accounting question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.1) California has enacted a new law creating an economic nexus threshold for remote sellers and marketplace facilitators. What amount of sales in California establishes economic nexus?Group of answer choices$500,000$1,000,000$250,000MORE THAT $500,0002)If Florida resident has nexus with California, which California tax return this taxpayer needs to file:Group of answer choicesNO CORRECT FORM IS LISTED HEREFORM 540FORM 540 NRFORM 540 2EZ3) What taxpayer’s activities create California nexus?Group of answer choicesNONE ACTIVITY LISTED HEREA TAXPAYER RECEIVES DIVIDEND INCOME FROM APPLE CORPORATIONA TAXPAYER RENDERS CONSULTING SERVICES IN CALIFORNIA TO A CALIFORNIA CLIENTA TAXPAYER RECEIVES INTEREST ON FUNDS HELD IN CA BANK4) In which of the following situations California nexus is NOT created :Group of answer choicesWHEN A REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER HOLDS ITS BOARD OF DIREC­TORS MEETING IN THE STATE.WHEN NV BASED REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER RENTS UNDEVELOPED PIECE OF LAND IN CAA FL TAXPAYER RENTS OUT CA PROPERTYALL ACTIVITIES LISTED CREATE NEXUS IN CA5) With respect to the tax liabilities of group members for businesses filing under he unitary rule in California:Group of answer choicesTAX LIABILITIES ARE ALWAYS INCREASETAX LIABILITIES ARE ALWAYS REDUCEDTHERE IS NO CORRECT ANSWER LISTEDSOMETIMES TAX LIABILITIES ARE REDUCED6) A three-part unitary group test used for determining the existence of a unitary business is looking at:Group of answer choicesUNITY OF OPERATIONSALL LISTED ARE PART OF THE TESTUNITY OF USEUNITY OF OWNERSHIP7)The California unitary group generally files:Group of answer choicesEITHER COMBINED OR CONSOLIDATEDCONSOLIDATED INCOME TAX RETURNNONE OF THE LISTED HEREA COMBINED INCOME TAX RETURN8)Apportionment is a process of measuring business activity in each state of a multistate business and using formula to divide the income into amounts to be taxed by the various states. Which item on Revenue or Expense is always included in the calculation of apportionment?Group of answer choicesPAYROLLFIXED ASSETSSALESALL LISTED HERE ARE ALWAYS INCLUDED9) Allocation is a process of assigning non-business income to the various states. Generally, on what basis non-business income is allocated to a state?Group of answer choicesBASED ON THE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES IN THIS STATEBASED ON THE NUMBER OF SALES TO THIS STATEON THE BASIS OF PAYROLL IN THIS STATEON THE BASIS OF INCOME-PRODUCING ASSETS WITHIN THE STATE.10) If you are doing business in California, you are subject to CA tax laws. California considers a taxpayer “doing business” in CA if the taxpayer meets which of the following:Group of answer choicesBOTH A AND BEITHER A OR BB. IS ORGANIZED OR COMMERCIALLY DOMICILED IN CALIFORNIAA. ENGAGES IN ANY TRANSACTION FOR THE PURPOSE OF FINANCIAL GAIN WITHIN CALIFORNIA11) In determining residency, California law provides two presumptions. The first presumption is that a taxpayer who, in the aggregate, spends more than A months of a taxable year in California will be presumed to be a California resident. The second presumption is that an individual whose presence in California does not exceed B months within a taxable year and who maintains a permanent home outside California is not considered a California resident provided the taxpayer does not engage in any activity or conduct within the State other than as a seasonal visitor, tourist, or guest.What is correct answer for A and B?Group of answer choices6 AND 612 AND 69 AND 69 AND 912) For how many days any individual domiciled in California could be absent from the state for an uninterrupted period under an employment-related contract to be considered outside this state for other than a temporary or transitory purposeGroup of answer choices18050036054613) What features does the employment related contract has to possess to satisfy and meet the non-residency rules of CA R&TC?It has to be:Group of answer choicesINCLUDING EMPLOYMENT-RELATED PROVISIONWRITTEN CONTRACTDATED PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING OF THE 546 CONSECUTIVE DAY PERIODALL LISTED FEATURES ARE REQUIRED14) Generally, community income is income from:Group of answer choicesALL SOURCES LISTEDSALARIES, WAGES, AND OTHER PAY RECEIVED FOR THE SERVICES PERFORMED BY YOU, YOUR SPOUSE (OR YOUR REGISTERED DOMESTIC PARTNER), OR BOTH DURING YOUR MARRIAGE (OR REGISTERED DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP) WHILE DOMICILED IN A COMMUNITY PROPERTY STATE;REAL ESTATE THAT IS TREATED AS COMMUNITY PROPERTY UNDER THE LAWS OF THE STATE WHERE THE PROPERTY IS LOCATEDCOMMUNITY PROPERTY15) Which one is an option for taxpayers to sort out any separate property claims from the community property?Group of answer choicesANY OF THE LISTED OPTIONS MAY BE USEDKEEP SEPARATE PROPERTY SEPARATEUSE EXHAUSTION METHOD (A.K.A. THE FAMILY EXPENSE PRESUMPTION METHOD)USE DIRECT TRACING METHOD

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