Leadership – Essay

My essay would need to be proofread, please. The essay should read more professionally in the end and there is certainly potential for improvement in terms of content. So please improve the content, as well as the reader style, so that it sounds more professional. 

I have uploaded two documents. One is the essay (Leadership Essay EssayPro) and the other is a document called “Task”, which tells you exactly what to do. Please read this document carefully and familiarize yourself with the task.
I have marked the author in yellow, please don’t be surprised because these are my professor’s frameworks/sources that we have to take/use. So please do not take sources and other models from the internet. I can’t tell you the name of my professor, that’s why there is always “Author” marked in yellow.
There is a word limit of max. 2,100 words. I have a little over 2,100 words, so it would be important that you shorten the essay a little so that you get to 2,100 words. The words in the two tables do not count.

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