Jon Ronson told many stories of people who were shamed intentionally and uninten

Jon Ronson told many stories of people who were shamed intentionally and unintentionally in his book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed. Now you should have a clear concept of what public shaming is and is not.
Knowing that it has been roughly six years since Ronson‘s book was first published, write a 3-page paper in which you, the writer…
identifies someone (or a group) who has been publicly shamed since the book’s release
OR identifies someone(or group) who deserves to be publicly shamed but has yet to be called out.
Also, in your paper, you should try to examine the following:
Describe the situation and the actions/inactions of the person(s). Obviously, there must be a video from social media that was posted and commented. Make sure you identify the tweet, video, etc. so we can see the action or inaction of the individual.
NOTE: A YouTube video of someone just doing something embarrassingly stupid to be noticed is not necessarily a form of public shaming.
Why the person(s) deserves to be called out for his/her misdeeds.
OR Why someone does not deserve to have been publicly shamed.
Was social media involved? And, if so, what impact did social media have on the person’s actions – before and after?
What social norms were broken, if any, that led to the public shaming?
How does the incident that led to public shaming fit Ronson’s framework of shaming as a form of social control?
Ultimately, if you can make strong connections to the ideas that Ronson expressed in his book and the incident that you are discussing, you will have demonstrated that you are capable of college level reading and writing.

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