It will then examine the impact and implications of natural catastrophes on Prov

It will then examine the impact and implications of natural catastrophes on Provincial Parks in British Columbia, Canada.1. Conduct a literature overview. Use subtitles for different disciplines and fields of inquiry from the literature you are drawing from?. Remember to speak about interdisciplinarity.A. Looking for future research to come up with a straightforward research question and sub-questions,B. What is the research question? Statement of the problem and contextualization of the research. What is the rationale, and why is this important. Mention interdisciplinarity. Subquestion?Important to describe the increased demand for outdoor space because of the pandemic and the ability to stay local while connecting to carrying capacity.2. Explanation of the epistemological approach and theories; Remember this theory is just an ideal picture of something, that we can compare reality against. Keep in mind interdisciplinarity.3. Description of the methodology and methods; in this case: case studies, (Phenomenology) interviews park users and stakeholders. Describe your sample or samples (approximately 20). Who to interview. The third methodology will be autoethnography.4. Discuss potential knowledge mobilization and research impact; what do you expect to find and why is it important? How might it contribute academically and practically?5. The paper must be interdisciplinary from the field of social sciences. I am looking at tourism, business, leadership, environmental sciences,A. Sub-topics include looking at the carrying capacity on Provincial Parks (critical to connect this to the pandemic)
B. Examine the best practices of other countries with catastrophic events such as western USA (California) and Australia).
C. This paper will provide a timeline of the natural catastrophes in British Columbia in 2021. Such as fire, mudslides, smoke, heatwave, avalanches, flooding, etc. British Columbia lost two towns to fire and several areas were impacted by flooding. Two major highways were washed away. etc.The paper must focus on British Columbia Canada, however, you can examine the park system at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels as part of the literature review. If you need a specific context, provincial parks would be the BEST.If you can come up with a clever title, along the lines such as the Perfect Storm for Catastrophe in British Columbia

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