Instructions: You are to write a 4-5 page pape’r (not including the reference pa

You are to write a 4-5 page pape’r (not including the reference page) reflecting on learning points from your time in Communication 8: Group Discussion.  I have posed some questions below to help guide your thinking as you start your process.  You do not have to answer all or any of these question if you do not choose to BUT I do want you to avoid the last last two pitfalls. Scroll to the bottom for assignment details.
What did you learn in this class that has helped you in terms of working with groups in your personal life?
What do you need to work on to be a better group member?
What did you learn about yourself in terms of being a group member for your class group?
What did you learn about yourself that might help you in your outside groups?
What communication concepts or ideas have you tried in your personal life that has worked?
What did we learn this semester that made a positive impression on you?
Compare past group experiences with what you know now.
Do not write about what your group did all semester as a narrative.
Do not critique the class, i.e., the book, the instructor, the manner in which the class was taught, members of your group, etc.
Assignment Details:
Your reflection pape’r must apply minimally 3 theories/concepts covered in the course. Reflect on at least one communication strength of your group and at least one way communication could be improved (*note the strengths and weaknesses of the communication not the people). 
Format for the reflection pape’r:
The pape’r needs to be typed in 12 point, times new roman font with one inch margins.
The pape’r must contain a brief introduction with a specific thesis statement.
The body must be developed into some meaningful structure with clear transitions.
A conclusion to pull the entire pape’r together.
Assume your reader has no knowledge of what you are writing about.
All pape’rs must be proof read and spell checked.
You can start the introduction with I was before taking the class and how I became after it (nothing specific use your imagination).
Your theories/concepts will be:
–  Working with Diversity.
–  Becoming an Open Minded Researcher.
– Using Verbal and Non-verbal.
Talk about these theories and how did they affect me in real life. you might have to do some research.
PLEASE NOTE: I need to score more than 81/90. Just put that in mind while working on the pape’r.

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