Instructions To prepare, before viewing this video, create a table with 2 column

To prepare, before viewing this video, create a table with 2 columns like this one here. Fill in the table while viewing the video, “Just A Routine Operation” by Laedal Medical Human Factors in Patient Safety by viewing link#1 or link#2. In a later TeamSTEPPs training, you may be asked to refer to this table. However, you don’t need to submit the table for this assignment.
Just a Routine Operation
For this assignment, you will complete the assigned readings below about patient safety and then write a short essay citing both resources.
Culture of Safety
Nursing and Patient Safety
In your short essay, clearly identify (at least) one safety issue that was ignored in this case scenario. After researching the issue(s), explain from a nurse’s perspective how the outcome could have been altered, and what safety measures could have helped to protect this patient. Submit this assignment as one file that will include (in the following order) a:
1-page cover page,
2-page essay
1-reference page (1 page)
this grading rubric.
This essay is written using APA format and submitted on Canvas as a Word (doc or docx) file or Adobe PDF. Use the APA manual and SMU’s writing services to guide you. No abstract is necessary for this essay. Five points will be deducted if the essay exceeds two pages in length. Please note additional pages will not be read. TurnItIn is enabled on this assignment. Submit/turn in your assignment via Canvas before the deadline.
**PLEASE NOTE: The video depicts a re-enactment of medical errors occurring in an operating room, which results in a patient death. If you feel this video may be too triggering for you, please contact me by 8am on Tuesday, 1/4 to discuss alternatives prn

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