Instructions After watching the video about Social


After watching the video about Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and answering the interactions within the PlayPosit bulb, discuss SDOH from a diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice viewpoint. Use an example from one of the six common domains of SDOH (economic stability, neighborhood, education, food, community/social support, and health care system) to form your response.
Diversity: Who is or isn’t represented when we discuss social determinants of health, and what can we do about it? How do we change it?
Equity: What are some assumptions made around social determinants of health?
Inclusion: Who is or isn’t included? What can we do so that the environment is more welcome for everyone, focusing on those particularly excluded?
Justice: Choose one of the following: 1. public policy, 2. institutional practices, or 3. cultural messages, and discuss what is needed to achieve and sustain equity when we discuss social determinants of health.
Be sure to thoroughly form your answers, addressing each of the topics above, and provide examples. How does this relate to what was discussed in our weekly lesson?
Success Criteria
You’ll earn full credit by doing the following.
Creating a post that follows the instructions. Be sure to choose one domain from the Social Determinants of Health: Healthcare system

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