In your response papers, DO NOT simply summarize the texts and lectures (though

In your response papers, DO NOT simply summarize the texts and lectures (though a concise summary may be important), but rather engage the history, theories, and the course material as relevant to your argument.
For your response paper I really want you to engage course material: lectures, audio/visual material, as well as assigned readings. A response paper, though informal through its first-person narrative, is a well written, coherently argued, and reflective essay. You MUST have a thesis, and you need to support your argument by directly engaging course material. Your essay should be approximately 750 words (approximately one-and-a-half single-spaced pages, Times New Roman 12-point font, one-inch margins). You must have a title. Again, please single-space your response papers.
When writing this type of essay you should use the first person to express your ideas and analysis. Begin with a substantive introductory paragraph, which shares your thesis, opinion/analysis, and provides a brief overview of what the response paper will engage. Again, as part of this paragraph, you should provide a thesis statement, which you will “speak to” throughout the essay. Next, the body of your essay should discuss the subject matter raised in the introductory paragraph. Course material (discussions, readings, images, media) should be engaged and analyzed to support your thesis. Lastly, the concluding paragraph of your essay should provide a synopsis that highlights the major points that you have argued and introduced, and further questions for consideration.

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