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The purpose of this assignment is to increase awareness of activities focused on health and wellness taking place GLOBALLY – Outside the U.S. 

  • First  INTRODUCE your main topic and WHY you chose the article.
  • Post one media news article or news source, (NOT a post from a personal blog) for the Global blog (include APA citation). The Post CANNOT be a general topic ALONE – it must be about an action, activity, or response to a health issue (consider a service, program, or policy) affecting a specific Country outside the U.S. You may add to a classmate’s topic with an article or create your own thread. The posts must be from a professional media spokesperson or journalists, i.e. CBS, FOX, BBC,NY Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, Citrus County Chronicle,, Ocala Post, The Villages Daily Sun. You will treat the Blog as an ongoing discussion board.
  • Peer responses (in addition to your initial post) – Comment on two students’ main posts; the comments may be casual however, must be insightful and respectful – note any claims made in your comments to classmates must be cited (i.e. leading cause of death in a country, or respectfully disputing truth).
  • Please be creative (and of course respectful)  – there is a degree of flexibility with this type of assignment. Posts are not viewed as  right or wrong - but relevant or irrelevant and supported or unsupported.

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