In the 1st summative assessment, you built your own network. In this second asse

In the 1st summative assessment, you built your own network. In this second assessment, you will continue using
your network from assessment 1. You may build a new network for this exercise too (bearing in mind that this may
require extra work for you). If you decide to build a new network, adhere to the constraints given in assessment 1
on how your network should look like (e.g. the network should have at least 10 nodes, the network should be
original etc.) Consult Assessment 1 on Moodle for the requirements for your network. Note that you may need to
ignore weights, directions, or signs of edges for some of the algorithms you’ll use below. If this turns out to be the
case, mention briefly that the algorithm you use ignores (or you choose to ignore) some characteristics of the edges.
Some algorithms you’ll use below may fail to converge. If this happens, report the case, modify the algorithm, the
statistical model, of your network until you get a solution.
You will write 1,500 words report. Your report should discuss the items given below. Structure your report in four
parts corresponding to the four groups of items below. Each section is equally weighted in the final grade.
A: assortativity and communities
First describe briefly your network (i.e. what are nodes and edges) and how you constructed the network (i.e. how
you collected the data). Also provide a plot of your network. The purpose is to remind us your network. If you
chose to build a new network for this assessment, you will need give more details here.
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