IN 800-1000 words. Treat this as mini-essays. Have early on a clear thesis state

IN 800-1000 words. Treat this as mini-essays. Have early on a clear thesis statement (this paper argues), an argument (with examples and discussing key concepts. Have a very brief intro (a few sentences), a body and a very brief conclusion (a couple of sentences or so suffice).
• This is your chance to show both your grasp of concepts and how you apply them in real life (for e.g. through contemporary and historical examples, as relevant), and your writing skills. You must include contemporary and historical examples. Include short direct quotes from sources.
Question to Answer: The concept of Global Governance became popularized in the 1990s, especially through initiatives, institutions and reports such as the 1991 Stockholm Initiative on Global Governance, the 1992 Commission on Global Governance, or the creation of the Journal of Global Governance in 1995. However, practices of global governance existed well before the 1990s. Describe a key initiative/institution of global governance (UNCTAD) that precedes the 1990s, and explain the conditions under which it emerged, how it has evolved overtime and its current role in shaping global governance.
+You do not need a bibliography if you are referencing pieces attached, but please do mention any author you may specifically be referencing. For example, when you use Toye (2014) in your answer do mention him in your sentence/answer, but you don’t need to add his full source.
+ Use the source in the link below and the attached sources. If necessary you can use some outside sources but then include a bibilography with APA style.

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