I’m studying for my Sociology class and need an explanation. Table 2-1 in your t

I’m studying for my Sociology class and need an explanation.
Table 2-1 in your textbook indicates the shift towards a much more culturally diverse population will occur by the year 2050 (Diller, 2015). Also mentioned is that by 2030, a majority of the workforce and public school students will be Persons of Color (Diller, 2015).
With the changes in demographics, Human Services Professionals will be faced with the challenge of meeting the needs of culturally diverse clients. In becoming culturally competent, the Human Services Professionals should first carefully assess the client’s demographic and cultural situation. For the discussion, consider the impact of cultural competency. Using the textbook chapter readings, the internet and the Library, research and expand on the critical information deemed necessary in determining the needs of a culturally diverse client.
Please respond to the following:
What is your understanding about how the pursuit of cultural competence has changed in the helping professions? What do you think are some of the underlying reasons for these changes?
In Chapter 2 on page 21, Cross et al. (1989) presents five Individual Cultural Competence Skill Areas. In which skill areas do you feel most confident in?
Which areas may require substantial growth as you develop your cultural competence?
What resources or experience might you seek out to develop these service delivery skills?
Select one of the following NOHS Standards: 10, 17, or 18. Explain two specific ways this standard is valuable in cross-cultural service delivery.
Requirements: 500 words
attached is the table and the content of the book 
go through it 

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