I’m applying for UCL’s Finance postgraduate program (https://www.ucl.ac.uk/prosp

I’m applying for UCL’s Finance postgraduate program (https://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/graduate/taught-degrees/finance-msc). My background: -UC Berkeley’s Economics undergraduate degree from 2015-2018. -CICC IBD analyst at Shanghai, China, from 2019-2021. (company intro: https://en.cicc.com/column/74/) -self-taught finance related knowledge: passed CFA level 2 and level 3 scheduled/ FRM I -applying for Finance master because felt at bottleneck point in career. saw my shortcomings, so want to pursue a master degree. The personal statement should include the following: 1)Your academic interests and reasons for applying to this programme. Which courses and what special about UCL that attract you? Should indicate the options/modules that you are interested. 2)Your career objectives and any relevant non-academic achievements as well as any publications. Outline any other relevant experience including attendance at specialist workshops or short courses.

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