“If you haven’t already, now is the time to commit to an ethical code. Refine yo

“If you haven’t already, now is the time to commit to an ethical code. Refine your core ethical principles, derived from chapter 3, using further reflection from this chapter. Note key exceptions to your principles, using table 4-1 as a guide. Remember that the most successful codes amount to a handful of principles plus some exceptions.
“Now turn to appendix B, where we reprint several codes written by our students. Each balances principles with rules, fleshed out with personal opinions and examples. As you read the codes, mark them up to show where they clearly follow or diverge from our advice. Turn back to your own code. Refine it to simplify and strengthen it.”
You will need to upload your code as a doc or docx file. Double-space your work and use Times New Roman font size 12. Make sure that you edit your work carefully for spelling and grammar. If you draw inspiration from table 4-1, either put the idea into your own words or use parentheses to indicate where you are quoting.
Remember, the table is for inspiration. In your prototype, you need to indicate what you will or will not do, not simple what you think is good or bad. Make sure you use direct action language.
You will need to determine how to organize your ethical commitments and the exceptions you include in your code. If you simply list things without organizing them, the highest grade you can get is a C. Address harm, theft, deception, and an additional issue. Make sure that you follow the directions provided in Chapter 4, and apply what you have learned up to this point in the book.
Table 4-1: if you are viewing an online copy of the text, make sure that you view it on a single page and make the text small enough that it fits on a single page. You can use this chart to help identify exceptions to your principles. It will look like this (the chart from the book looks like this, your code will look differently):

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