I will send you part 1, 2 and 3 as an attachment. you need these parts to write

I will send you part 1, 2 and 3 as an attachment. you need these parts to write the final part.
Part Four – Action Organizing Campaign Paper (10%) Week 13
Based on the community assessment information from Part One, including the issues identified by Monmouth Community residents and through your own research, decide what issue the community would have the best success organizing around, using a human rights, participatory, social, economic, and environmental justice perspective. Your action campaign must be based on the strengths and capacities you have identified in the community through your asset map and discussion in parts 1-3 of your paper.
The final paper should describe the action organizing effort to the fullest extent as well as include the above information as content or appendices. Make sure to connect your assessment results from Part One to your organizing campaign. Discuss how this organizing campaign contributes to advocacy efforts to advance human rights and social and economic justice. All papers must be typed, using correct APA style.
here are my notes:
Social anxiety: kids didn’t go to school for a year, and they have a lot of anxiety to meet new people, so my campaign is going to tackle social anxiety.
Red bank had many programs before this pandemic, for example Pal program, Home work club, middle school put a program in the school about social anxiety, Family Support Organizatoin had after school program where they brought snacks for kids and sat with their parents to discuss their needs while kids played with their peers. Had social group activities, gathering with kids and families board game, card game, jeopardy,
Now the kids are rusty they did not get to practice their skills, social anxiety is contributed by lack of practice,
there was a panic,
society tht didn’t want to go near each other,
To decrease their anxiety, a social anxiety trained by parents and teachers can gain confidence, social media use as socialization where kids didn’t had to face anyone it was only in front of their device,
They need to build their confidence, develop new friend circle, get them to understand others, communication skills, trying to eliminate stress, etc.
Epidemic truancy means they do not want to go to school,
One of my client at jersey innovative services is a 6 year old boy who doesn’t talk to anyone after the pandemic, this is due to social anxiety
My campaign will talk about restarting all these activates, this way kids will have change to socialize, get out of their circle to explore new opportunities.
Chance to socialize,
I want to link them to the community
Long branch library has teen nights on the weekend, toddler night, preschoolers on the weekend, do something in the library,
State the object,
Lower economic, nothing for people in the middle school,
Boys and girls club, free,
Dance studio runs the program
Roller skating
Art therapy
parents are worried about their kids social anxiety. for examlple One of the ladies i interviewed her daughter went back to her 1st grade after the pandemic and she has huge difficulty communicating. her teachers heard her voice twice in this school year. prior to this lock down this child was very talkative.
I would like red bank to start the activities mentioned above and some more activities or ways to help parents deal with this stress.
consider my notes to write this well thought paper.
If you need to add another page please don’t hesitate to, and send me invoice. I need this tomorrow.

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