* I know this is a rush paper, so if it’s not perfect I can accept that. I’ve ju

* I know this is a rush paper, so if it’s not perfect I can accept that. I’ve just got too much on my plate to write it.*
The Black Power movement is frequently characterized as a violent terror organization that incited chaos and strained race relations.
In his memoir The River of No Return, Cleveland Sellers chronicles the developments in SNCC that led an organization originally steeped in non-violence to one that moved to Black Power. In a four-five page double spaced paper (1200-1350 words), identify Sellers’ main argument (FORMULATE A CLAIM), and discuss the transitions and the critical turning points that he uses as evidence to support his claims (IDENTIFY EVIDENCE). Evaluate the persuasiveness of his argument (ANALYZE THE CLAIM). Finally, what do you think “Black Power” is?
Please follow these guidelines:
• Construct a THESIS that provides a clear “roadmap” to your essay. Be clear, precise, and bold. Be sure you are writing an analysis and not a summary.
• Your analysis must include cited evidence to support it. Refer to your evidence parenthetically (Sellers, page #). (While we use Chicago style footnotes in history, for this essay we will use parenthetical citations since all evidence will be coming from one source.) Refer to evidence specifically, but you do not need include lengthy summaries or lengthy quotes.
• Your conclusion should summarize the main points your essay has raised.
• Title your essay!
• Double space, 12 point font, and use page numbers.

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