I have chosen a topic on the discussion of the school-to-prison pipeline in the

I have chosen a topic on the discussion of the school-to-prison pipeline in the United States and how it is affecting Black youth today. Here are the guidelines given by the professor: “In this paper, you will select a particular social justice issue that is important to you. You may choose your own topic or write about one of the topics that we have discussed in class. Issues such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ justice, Transgender rights, immigration reform, undocumented person’s right to live as humans, Puerto Rican independence, statehood, or commonwealth status, women’s right to choose, social and community access for persons with disabilities, and Native American inclusion are just some of the issues you may choose from. What is important to this paper is that you compare your topic to issues related to any of the “isms’ (sexism, racism, ethnocentrism, heterosexism, etc…) we’ve discussed in class. The goal of the paper is to allow you to present the knowledge base of social justice as it relates to social work practice. This paper is to be six pages long (not including the cover page and the reference page). You must write the paper in APA (7th Edition) format. Paper format: Introductory paragraph In this section of the paper, you will introduce the marginalize group you are discussing by providing a brief overview of the group and presenting the social justice issues the group is facing. Body of the paper: Identify the social justice issue that the group is facing. Discuss how mainstream society creates a process of oppression for this group. This is a good section for you to present how Rawls’ theory of justice can explain the process of social oppression for this group. How does the “veil of ignorance” contribute to the social and political oppression of this group? Discuss the ethics and values in social work that requires us to advocate for this group as professionals. Provide a concluding paragraph References and in-text citations should be in APA format. Three legitimate references must be included. You may also include other sources to support your work.” I have made sure to include the class handouts and study guides that I have made pertaining to the material taught in this class that may provide some guidance as to what kind of verbiage my professor looks for in our writing. I have also included an outline of the paper that I have already started and the type of layout I would like, as well as some research I have done on the topic myself (Introduction to School-to-Prison Pipeline). Lastly, I have provided two writing samples to help match my writing style; one essay from this class that I received a perfect score on (so you know what kind of thing the prof is looking for), and another from a cyber warfare policy course.

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