I am going to try and be as specific as possible… IT IS EXTREMLY IMPORTANT TO

I am going to try and be as specific as possible… IT IS EXTREMLY IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW EVERY INSTRUCTION TO THE T…
1. This is a research paper about public concern about prositituition in new york in the early twentieth century. (specifically 1900-1920)
2. There is a min number of sources that needs to be used. (WHICH I WILL PROVIDE THE SOURCES THAT NEED TO BE USED WITH THE LINKS AS WELL)
1. 4 books
2. 3 scholarly journal articles
3. 10 newspaper articles
4. 2 magazine articles
5. 1 photo
3. All the sources that will be attached need to used.
4. My thesis is “In the early twentieth century, the New York public outcry exposed the rise of prostitution, questioned the so-called “white slavery,” and demanded police reforms.
5. My categories of anaylsis are…
1. Rise in prosititution
2. “White Slavery”
3. Suggestions for Police Reform
6. MOSTTT IMPORTANTLY… The goal of the paper is to have each category of analysis explained arguing how it proves my thesis WITH EVIDENCE.
7. “I have not used the word “narrative” in describing the elements your essay must contain. You will probably have a narrative, or some way of telling the story. Any narrative you construct must be analytical. That is, it must not merely say what happened but explain why. Any paper that is merely descriptive rather than analytical will not fulfill the requirements for this assignment.” MUST USE AND UNDERSTAND
8. I have already a bunch of information written and structered so its just a matter of information being added and making everything sound cohesive.
9. I will be attaching several documents in which i would have to explain… so please message me!!!!

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