History of modern Europe

Discuss the topic of “revolution” in post-Renaissance Western history from 1492-1815. Of the key breaks in continuity – the Renaissance, the Age of Exploration/Discovery/overseas conquest, the Reformation, the Scientific and the French Revolution – which would you rank as the most important for changing Western Civilization, and what are the reasons for your ranking? Also, which of these above revolutions do you regard as the least important in shaping Western Civilization’s development during this time, and why?
As for format issues – the essay should be 3-5 pages long, use a font no smaller than 11, and be double spaced. IF you use outside sources please provide full bibliographic information in an attached bibliography – and you may use a modified social science citation – i.e. citing DeMaistre’s Considerations on France thusly – (DeMaistre, 45) would mean you are citing Considerations on France, page 45 of his work, or whichever page you cite.

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