High Stake Paper Essay number : 1 assignment Exploring Your Teaching Philosophy:

High Stake Paper
Essay number : 1 assignment
Exploring Your Teaching Philosophy: Self-Assessment Exercise
The following questions will help you develop a working philosophy of teaching.
Respond to the following prompts as a self-assessment of your beliefs and personal experiences with the various aspects of teaching and learning:
• Why do you believe students want to learn? Describe them as learners in any way you can.
• What are your goals for teaching? What do you hope to accomplish when you teach? What do your goals say about you as a teacher?
• Does your subject matter affect your beliefs about teaching or learning? If so, explain how.
• Create a list in response to the following prompt: “When I teach I would like to:” Once you have created the list, reflect on why you would do what you do.
• What are your beliefs about learning? How would you describe it? What are your sources for your beliefs?
• From your answers to the above questions, you will gain a better understanding of yourself as a teacher. Key themes should emerge to help you create your teaching philosophy.
This self-assessment can be used to start your Philosophy of Teaching Essay. You do not have to answer each question. However, these are the types of points I would like you to include in your Essay.
Philosophy of Teaching Essay EDUC 101
What is Your Philosophy of Teaching and Learning?
Parents, principals, and school administrators often ask new teachers what their philosophy of teaching is. Your philosophy can be thought of in terms of what you consider the goals of teaching to be, the strategies that are used to help reach those goals, and the ways in which you can assess a student’s learning. Think about the lessons we have covered in class as well as any observations you have made (in a classroom setting or video) and write a statement on your philosophy of teaching.
Please include the following areas in your statement:
a) Teaching Goals: Explain what goals you have for your students.
b) Teaching Strategies: Provide examples of the teaching methods you would use to accomplish these goals.
c) Methods to Assess Learning: How would you assess student learning?

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