Here is a sample of how you can write your field experience using videos. For my

Here is a sample of how you can write your field experience using videos.
For my field experience I observed YouTube videos of teachers teaching Social Studies to various grade levels of students including first, third, fourth, and seventh grade. Although I was unable to discuss strategies with the teachers in the videos, I was able to observe how each of them used questioning strategies in their classrooms to move the discussion forward and keep the students engaged in the lesson. I took notes of some of the questioning strategies and compared them to the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) questions/levels document we received for this course. All of the teachers in each video used Depth of Knowledge questions in their classroom discussion to engage students in the lesson because they help the students to use their higher order thinking and prior knowledge to answer the questions.
In all of the videos, the teachers used questions that fostered quite a bit of dialogue and student involvement. Students wanted to provide their answers or feedback to the questions. The teacher in the first two videos also used the think-pair-share strategy to allow students to process their answers first, share with a partner, then share with the whole group. This strategy saves time in the class by helping students to be more prepared to answer in complete sentences. It also helps the students demonstrate their understanding, which the teacher can identify through their answers.
In the first two videos I observed with the teacher’s first grade social studies lessons where she went through all four levels of DOK questioning. If I were to supplement her questioning strategies, I might use the following DOK level questions:
Level 1 DOK – Can you identify one item that still exists in today’s classroom that you can also see in the photo of the classroom of the past?
Level 2 DOK – How would you compare the chairs in the classroom of the past to your present classroom? How would you compare the boards (chalkboard vs. whiteboard) in each classroom-present and pass?
Level 3 DOK – If we had seating like the seating in the picture (of the classroom of the past), how would we move around the classroom for different learning groups and lessons like we do now?
Level 4 DOK – With a partner, think about the classroom of the past and today’s classroom. Would you prefer learning and sitting in a classroom of the past or the present classroom and why? Compare and contrast the two classrooms and support your answer with evidence.
Although I am unable to obtain feedback for this field experience from the teacher’s I observed, I know there is room for improvement in my questioning strategies. I realize that this is not an easy task to do as an educator and it will be important for me to include DOK questions within my lesson plans so that I can create product discussions in the classroom, engage the students, and help them to truly reach their learning goals and meet state standards.

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