Health Law – Discussion Thread: Medicare Reimbursement- Reply to 2 classmates


Please read instructions below….

********Review the information that the authors have presented on pages 479- 491 regarding how hospitals are paid, specifically noting reimbursement under the Medicare Part A program, and review the problem that the authors have presented on page 491.

You are in-house counsel for a hospital that is losing money and the hospitals CEO has asked you to come up with ways to improve Medicare reimbursement under the PPS system. Discuss 2 strategies that could be used to improve reimbursement. (There are some suggestions in the problem.) Discuss 2 ways you might go about lowering the cost of treating Medicare patients.

For eachthread, students must support their assertions with at least 2 scholarlycitations in Bluebook 

citation format.  Any sources cited must havebeen published within the last five years. Acceptable sources include thetextbook, the Bible, scholarly articles, etc.

***Textbook – Furrow et al Health Law 

Abridged 8th edition  ISBN978-1-68328-911-1 *****


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