Guidelines: The critical response should be done in narrative form. Keeping in

The critical response should be done in narrative form. Keeping in mind the concepts we have studied during the first part of the semester while looking at contemporary photography, and making reference when appropriate to the works of the photographers we have looked at, reflect on one of the works above and write your critical response including the following points:
1. Title of the exhibition, name of the chosen photographer, and title of the particular photograph(s) you choose to expand on. Include date, place, genre, or any other relevant information.
2. Continue with a descriiptive (objective) look at:
a) The exhibition/project in general: the space and installation (if virtually available), medium and dimensions of works, general selection of images and impact, etc.
b) Continue by focusing on one or two specific works objectively looking/describing the content as well as the composition/visual arrangement.
* By “objective” we mean a descriiption of what you actually see: the work and installation/presentation, visual composition and content of the image you choose, the print/object, etc. You might find useful to review the “Important Concepts and Technical Words” pages in Canvas.
3. Connect to works we have seen previously in class by pointing at similarities and/or contrasting elements and possible influences or references that could be extrapolated. Explain the connections you make.
4. Finish with your own personal (subjective) response, including:
a) Your impressions, reactions on the specific piece(s) on which you decided to elaborate.
b) Your interpretation of the work(s), and thoughts on the possible intentions of the artists.
c) Allow for your own personal set of experiences, memories, and circumstances to interact with the works and inform your response.
The paper must be typed, double spaced, font size 12, and no longer than 2 pages. Submission file must be a Word Document or PDF.

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