Goal: We are using the Competence-Press model (or the Person-Environment Fit mod

Goal: We are using the Competence-Press model (or the Person-Environment Fit model) to understand how a variety of factors and conditions lead Ruth to be
discharged from one care setting and admitted into another. Th CP model or the PE-fit model helps us to see what outcomes are possible (positive or negative)
from different combinations of high and low competence (or ability) in a person when faced with weak or strong press (or demands) from whatever environment
they are in. For this reading and assignment, I am asking you to think of each care setting in which Ruth stays as it’s own “environment” with unique press (from
care policies, regulations, guidelines, and expectations of patient behavior).
Discuss the The Transitions she faces: 1) discharge from the ICU and hospital and admission into Rehab, or 2) discharge from Rehab and admission to Assisted Living, etc….
Using CP and PE-fit: I want you to analyze and explain from the perspective CP (or PE-fit) how and when Ruth’s changing competence levels are affected by the
press she encounters in two different settings. l am asking you to use this
model as a tool to explain what is happening, and where we see moments of conflict (or negative affect) from this theoretical perspective. Imbalance: It is
important to keep in mind, that imbalance (or “lack of fit) can result from two different relationships (between competence and press) and Ruth’s competence
level is actually rising and faling through this story, since in some care settings, she does get better (before later getting worse).
In the file I had uploaded 2 chapters from a book which is called “It Shouldn’t Be This Way, The Failure of Long-Term Care”, my Professor wants me to use two chapters in this case study and I also add some notes and YouTube links to help. Please cite

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