General instructions This paper asks for your response to a situation in a previ

General instructions
This paper asks for your response to a situation in a previously introduced case study, Verona Group.
Answer the questions by explaining and applying relevant concepts from the course. While no credit can be expected merely for restating case facts, responses should be supported by course concepts and evidence from the case. The exam is open book. You may not work with other people. Efforts to research case facts or previous case analyses are prohibited. To view the evaluation criteria, see the rubric (tab below).
Responses will be evaluated (details in rubric) on the extent and quality of:
Presentation of relevant course knowledge (concepts, principles, and/or good practices)
Analysis of the case situation against course knowledge (e.g., by comparing/contrasting)
Proposals for action that are well supported by knowledge and aligned with the analysis
The total word limit for your response is 600 words.
How effective is the performance management system at Verona Group, including differentiating performance between individuals? What action, if any, should be taken to modify the system or how it is used? (If you believe no action is required, explain why.)
If sales figures do not improve in Anna George’s territory, Emilio Chao could ask HR to terminate her for poor performance. If he makes this request, what steps should HR require to ensure fair treatment of Anna – and to reduce the risk of a wrongful dismissal lawsuit?
Important note: Remember to address items A, B, and C above for the question.

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