Gender reveal parties have become commonplace in the last decade. First started

Gender reveal parties have become commonplace in the last decade. First started in 2008 by Jenna Karvunidis, these parties bring expectant parents together with their family and friends to reveal something about their impending baby. But what exactly is being revealed at these parties?
[see for information about these parties and the shift of viewpoints of the original creator]
In this assignment, I would like you to analyze these parties in an essay or well-planned video. [general guidelines for paper length and video time follow each section of the paper below]
(1) First, I would like you to examine the idea of gender reveal parties. Do they reveal gender? What is being measured and celebrated at these events? [1-2 pages,]
(2) Next, you will explain gender reveal parties as if you are speaking to a space alien from a species that reproduces asexually by budding and has no sexes or genders. [1 page, 2 minutes]
(3) How do the readings we have done around sex, gender, bodies, and social construction in this course help us to understand and critique these parties? [1-2 pages, 3 minutes]
(4) Think also about the ways gender has been revealed in your own life, from birth until now. How do you reveal your gender to others through your everyday actions and life choices? How was your gender revealed in your early childhood, to both yourself and to your family and community? [2-3 pages, 4-5 minutes]
In thinking about your responses, think also about what the authors we have read can contribute to your understandings of your own experiences of gender and of the institution of the gender reveal party. In your response, incorporate at least two course readings. More is always better. You should incorporate readings throughout your essay to support your ideas.
Strong analysis will describe and reflect on what you have seen and experienced, connect deeply with understandings of the social organization of sex and gender roles and identities, and reflect on theory and data from the course readings.
Rest assured that your response to these questions will be held in confidence by me, as will everything else you write for me this semester. My assessment of your work will never be based on your opinions or personal experience but on the quality and thoroughness of your responses and the depth of your analysis and connections to the materials.
This paper should be 5-7 pages. All papers are to be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins.
The paper should have a title that reflects its contents and a works cited page.
All quotes and ideas from others must be cited.
Citation information can be found here:

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