Gaining Practice with Systematic Review “A systematic review is a process of com

Gaining Practice with Systematic Review
“A systematic review is a process of comprehensively locating and synthesizing the research on a particular question using organized, transparent, and replicable procedures (Littell, et al., 2008, as cited in Hall & Roussell, 2017, p. 19). A good first step in researching evidence-based approaches is to conduct a search of the available scholarly literature.
Using the real-world problem you formulated with your peers and instructor in this week’s first Discussion Question explore the Library to identify five articles closely aligned with your uniquely formulated problem. Present a synopsis of your findings in the form of a 700-1750 word written paper. Be sure to include the following elements in your paper:
Establish a search protocol by developing a question, or set of questions, in alignment with the real-world problem to guide your research.
Discuss the process you used to search the internet and library, by identifying which search engines and databases you used and any keywords and combinations of key words that you used in your searches (explain your search processes in a way that would allow someone else to replicate them).
Next, discuss your systematic review process by explaining your rationale for deciding which articles to include and which to exclude.
Base your article selections on those studies which are the most methodologically sound and offer a detailed explanation of how each of the articles you selected aligns with your real-world problem.
Synthesize your findings by highlighting research-based, evidence-based, emerging or promising practices that align with your search protocol and real-world problem.
Keep in mind that your Final Paper will likely include between 8-12 sources, however, for this week’s assignment, you will only be required to identify five articles total.
This assignment is worth 10 points of the total course grade.
This assignment aligns with the following weekly outcomes: 3.
This assignment aligns with the following course outcomes: 2, 3, 4.

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