For your paper, explain what you consider the term ‘news’ to refer to, and what

For your paper, explain what you consider the term ‘news’ to refer to, and what you think its role is in modern American society. Do people need it? Do people like to consume it? How? What are your habits for acquiring news, and how do you think they compare to other citizens’ habits?
Next, remember back to when you considered the many ways and formats that are used to convey news today. Discuss in what ways this variety of news delivery complicates the news-gathering and reporting work for journalists, and reasons why this might matter.
From there, consider the ways that people obtain their news through social media. How might the criteria for what is “newsworthy” differ between news in this format and news as it is found in more traditional ‘legacy’ formats such as a print newspaper or a daily television news broadcast? What is “true” or “trustworthy”? Do these differences matter? Why or why not?
Your paper should be approximately 4 pages long, double spaced. You should apply specific principles, concepts, and tools of media literacy as you write. Whenever you refer to content from the book or presentations, you should explain/define the terms you are using, showing that you understand them, and provide an in-text citation for where they came from. Your paper should also have a reference list, which does not count towards the page limit (the title page does not count towards it either).

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