For this exam, I will need you to please double-check your work and also check f

For this exam, I will need you to please double-check your work and also check for grammar and spelling, and punctuation. This is very important that you follow these steps.
I will need you to work on PART A, and once you have finished, then I need to put Part B, so I know that you are working on part B. This has to be perfect for this final exam. I know that I can trust that you will take care of me.
The exam has two parts. Part A will comprise short answer questions, and Part B with a case analysis in which students need to answer the case questions.
Please use 12-point Times New Roman Font with a 1-inch margin all around.
The short answers can be limited to a maximum of 100 words ( ideally, students can provide excellent answers using 50- 100 words).
Bullet points answers are acceptable.
The assigned readings are sufficient enough to answer all the questions.
Part A ( 50 Points)
“Ideas are a dime a dozen,”? What does this statement imply about an idea’s importance to a successful business? (10 Points)
Explain the rationale behind the statement, “A first-class team with a second class idea is better than a second class team with a first-class idea.” (10 Points)
How can a company protect itself from employees competing against the company after they leave? What problems may the company face when preventing this kind of competition? (10 Points)
What are your critical takeaways from the venture capitalist survey research as an entrepreneur? (10 Points)
As an entrepreneur, what are the three important factors you will consider while preparing your sales model? (10 Points)
Part B ( 50 Points)
Ready the case ‘Shaker Circuits (A)’ from the prescribed textbook on case studies and answer the following questions:
6. What are the pluses and minuses of the business opportunity? (20 Points)
7. Determine the value of Shaker Circuit using :
A. Market comparable valuation (market value approach). Assume a 20% P/E ratio. (10 points)
B. Income Method (assume a 25% market interest) (10 points)
C. Liquidation approach (assume a salvage value (% of par) for cash as 100%, for accounts receivables as 70%, inventory as 30%, Property plant, and equipment as 25%) (10 points)

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