Florida State University

For this case study, you will select any university of your choosing. This can be NCAA Division I, II, III, or even NAIA.

Once you have your university, you are going to do a deep dive on it, with a specific emphasis on its athletic department. Please provide the following in detail:

  • University location and population of surrounding city or MSA (metropolitan statistical area)
  • Student enrollment (total, as well as undergraduate/graduate breakdown)
  • President of the university and length of time he/she has been in that position
  • Athletic director and length of time he/she has been in that position
  • Conference affiliation – please note: this may be different for different sports.
  • Most recent annual total athletic department budget (can be found by generating data set ) https://ope.ed.gov/athletics/#/
  • Sports that the school typically has the most success in (postseason play, conf. and national championships)
  • Notable sports facilities where school’s teams play and important information about them
  • Anything else you feel is pertinent to fully explain your chosen university and its athletics program

As always, your best work in full APA format is much appreciated. If you don’t have a number of different sources for this assignment, you have not completed it correctly.

Thank you in advance for your hard work!

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