First, remind yourself of the material from the television week. You can find th

First, remind yourself of the material from the television week. You can find the material from week 13 attached below
It is 1955, and Father Knows Best has completed its first season of 26 episodes on TV. (You can find a full list of the episodes here: (Links to an external site.)) Executives at CBS have decided to recommission the show for another season, and the writers are starting to put together their ideas for future episodes. This is where you come in. Imagine you are making an informal pitch to the writer’s room.
Specifically, you should pitch an idea for an episode that has not been done in season 1. Your idea should be new but can take inspiration from episodes aired in seasons 2-6. Specifically, your first paragraph should explain the plot for your episode. The second paragraph should explain what each of the major characters will be doing. You will have noticed that each character has their own sub-plot within the larger narrative of the show. Finally, your third paragraph should explain the moral lesson audiences should learn in your episode. Here you can focus on morals to do with the family or larger civil society. Just make sure your moral is consistent with the moral landscape of 1950’s America. In total, your pitch should be between 500-750 words formatted in whatever way you consider appropriate for your pitch.
these are some ideas coming from the professor that you need to include in the pitch :
Think in 3 parts beginning middle and end
Come up with a plot
Who is going to be the star who is the focus of the episode
What is the moral lesson we have learned
How am I going to take a character through a journey that ends up in a lesson
Explain why this would fit in with the series
Needs to replicate the same family dynamic and gender stereotypes
Rather to to other episodes for justify your explanation
Needs to fit within the depiction of the decade

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