find a peer reviewed journal article on an obesity prevention intervention or pr

find a peer reviewed journal article on an obesity prevention intervention or program. You are not looking for an observational study, but an experimental study where a researcher is testing to see if a particular intervention is effective. If you are unsure if your article is appropriate, please e-mail me. Two example articles are posted in Module 13 (Reading option 1 and Reading option 2). Then copy and paste the following questions into a word document titled “Journal Article Worksheet”. Answer the questions (short answer style) using your article and the example article posted in Module 13. Submit your Journal Article Worksheet to dropbox.
Examples of appropriate peer reviewed journals (there are MANY more)
American Journal of Health Promotion
Journal of School Health
Journal of Community Health
American Journal of Public Health
Journal of Adolescent Health
American Journal of Health Education
Health Education and Behavior
Health Promotion Practice
Journal of Childhood Obesity
Journal Article Worksheet
1. Provide a citation for your journal article in APA format:
2. Provide a URL for your article of post the PDF file as an additional file in this dropbox:
3. Who was the target population for this program / intervention / study?
4. In general terms, describe the purpose of the intervention / program / study and provide an overview of the strategies or methods if applicable. Paraphrase – do not use direct quotes. You do not need to describe statistical analysis, just the content of the intervention.
5. Describe the major findings or results. Was the program successful? To what degree? And suggestions for further research? You will likely find this in the “discussion” section of the article.
6. Compare your article with ONE of the two example articles posted in Module 13 (Reading option 1 or Reading option 2).
Are the target populations similar or different? How? Describe.
Is the program similar or different? How? Where they trying to achieve similar outcomes?
How to they each impact obesity prevention (compare the results – were they both effective?

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