Everything must be in own words. Each question must be 350 words or more). Quest

Everything must be in own words. Each question must be 350 words or more).
Question 1:
Read Module 1 in your course textbook and At Sea in a Deluge of Data from the Chronicle of Higher Education.
Complete the TATIL Exam (Links to an external site.) and view your report.
Complete the APA Skill Check – In-Text Citation (Links to an external site.) and APA Skill Check – Creating References (Links to an external site.).
Make a list of the different components of information literacy covered in your textbook.
Consider how each of these components affect your daily life and your chosen career. Pay particular attention to the information literacy skills that employers expect from their employees.
Review your TATIL exam report and consider how the information provided there relates to the information you read in Module 1 of your textbook. Think about how you can implement your personal recommendations from the report.
Explain your understanding of information literacy. Choose three example concepts or skills from Module 1 of your course textbook and explain how these concepts illustrate your understanding. Be sure to cite your course textbook.
Explain how these concepts apply to you as a college student. Why do students need to learn information literacy?
Explain why these concepts apply to your personal or professional life and how you will apply them.
Your initial post must be at least 350 words and address all of the prompt’s elements.
You must cite and reference any sources that you use in your posts, including your textbook or any other sources of information that you use. Please refer to the Ashford Writing Center’s Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.) and Formatting Your References List (Links to an external site.) for help with citing and referencing your sources.
Question 2:
Prepare: Take a few minutes to think about the material that we’ve covered in this course so far.
Reflect: Reflect on what you found interesting, surprising, or confusing in this past week. What did you learn that caused you to understand an issue differently? What habits, tips, or resources did you discover that helped you to complete your coursework more effectively or efficiently? Cite clear examples and details to support your post.
Write: This discussion forum is an opportunity for you to explore topics that interest you, share critical insights and questions that you are working with, share your struggles and triumphs, and discuss difficulties that may have arisen this week, hopefully finding solutions. Your posts should describe your experiences in the course this past week, prompting further discussion. You should address at least one of the following questions:
What struck you in particular as you explored the course materials this week?
How might you apply this information to your life in the future?
What insights have you had?
What have you been struggling with?
What questions have come up for you at this point?
What helpful tips have you picked up in this course or in a past course?
What questions do you have about the assignment that your classmates might be able to help with? (If you have a question for the instructor, be sure to contact your instructor through email or Canvas messaging).
here is the book reference:
Von Winckelmann, S. (2015). Information literacy in the digital age [Electronic version]. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/
This text is a Constellation™ course digital materials (CDM) title.
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