Entrepreneurial Podcast Reflection


Listen to either the Spanx or the Instagram episode of How I Built This podcast. Write a response. 

Include your insights, feedback, and directly relate back to the podcast in regards to at least 6 of the following 10 class concepts weve discussed (bold each term as you use it). What did you find surprising, interesting, etc- and why:

  1. entrepreneurial thinking

  2. design thinking or ideation

  3. UVP, brand mapping or positioning

  4. Pretotyping or prototyping

  5. lean startup methodology or MVP

  6. market research and data driven decisions

  7. marketing and promotion

  8. customer discovery or personas

  9. financing/VCs or pricing/revenue strategy

  10. pivots along the way

Ive attached a PDF (Writing a Successful Business Plan) which details information on these various concepts. I also attached a few class notes that could be helpful to reference. No need to cite anything, these are just helpful sources for relating to the concepts above.

Use single spacing, 12 pt font Times New Roman, minimum 3 pages.

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