EBP or Research Project Proposal This assignment supports the following course c

EBP or Research Project Proposal
This assignment supports the following course compentencies (CC):
CC 1. Critically evaluate published research reports to identify issues that may limit their application to clinical practice.
CC 2. Apply the basic elements of the research process including descriiption of the problem, purpose, question or hypothesis, literature review, design, data collection/ analysis, and the significant findings and conclusions.
CC 7. Conduct literature retrieval, review, and appraisal of evidence relevant to a clinical problem.
CC 8. Synthesize a set of related published research studies into a coherent review of the literature to answer a basic practice question or problem.
In the two individual article critiques that you have completed, you have answered your proposed clinical PICOT question. This assignment will either be formulated as an Evidence-based implementation project or a Research project. The steps are very similar. From looking at the existing literature, you will be able to decide if there is enough high-level evidence that exists to implement the evidence-based intervention OR if not enough high-level evidence exists, and more research needs to be conducted, this will be a research proposal.
The proposal should be 3-5 APA formatted pages and should include:
Background and in-depth information related to why this is a problem for nursing (this is in light of a literature review)
Research question or hypothesis OR PICOT question
Study Design or Implementation Project Design and descriiption of the project
Population and Sampling Methods
Data Collection Methods and Instruments
Data analysis- Includes statistical tests
Mechanisms to ensure quality of the study- control of bias, etc.
Timetable for the project
Ethical considerations
Resources required including budget, stakeholders who would need to approve the project, etc.
Implications for Practice and Plan for Dissemination of findings
This assignment will be submitted using Turnitin, a plagiarism detection software.
**See Rubric for Specific Instructions for Each Section and Point Values.**

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