Discussion 6: Sociopolitical Organization and Case Study Q&A

PART A: Be sure to read Chapter 6, Case Study 6, and the short article at the link in Folder 6 before you respond to this prompt.
Use link to article https://www.businessinsider.com/what-happens-society-collapses-2016-8 
to answer the following question, for the discussion question. 

Discussion Question:
1. States (and nation-states) routinely fail, as we see from the archaeological record. Why? How can research      into past state collapse help us avoid collapse today?

PART B: Please read the case study to answer the following questions with answers and complete all parts
Case Study Questions: 

1. Using ideas youve learned in this chapter, create a definition in your own words for the term tribe. How do  more popular, casual uses of this term differ from the anthropological usage? (hint: for example, its become common lately to hear people talk about finding their tribe)

2. What are the ethical implications of contacting a tribe like the Sentinelese? In your answer, be sure to              consider examples from the article of other groups that have experienced recent contact.

3. How do experts explain the violent behavior of this group?

4. Reflecting on the ways in which the Sentinelese and other Andaman Islanders are portrayed, talked about,     and constructed by outsiders, what parallels do you see with discourses about other indigenous groups in the United States or elsewhere?

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