Directions: Using and quoting from the readings in Thucydides readings in The P

Directions: Using and quoting from the readings in Thucydides readings in The Portable Greek Historians, or in Thomas Martin’s book, Ancient Greece, Chapter 8, answer the following questions (I-V) completely.
I. a) Why did Thucydides believe that the War between the Athenians and the Peloponnesians would be a great war and one worthy of relation (three reasons). b) What are two statements Thucydides made in relation to the speeches? c) Why did Thucydides (one reason) write his work (of history)? (Thucydides, pp. 218-19; pp. 230-231)?
II. In the funeral oration of Pericles, summarize four major differences between the Athenians and Spartans that according to Pericles make Athens superior. (Thucydides, pp. 265-273)?
III. Explain three short and three long term consequences of the Plague on Athens and its people. (Thucydides, pp 273-278).
IV. Pericles, the great Athenian statesman had a specific strategy to keep Athens safe and make it victorious during the Peloponnesian War. a) List 2 main parts of that war strategy. b) How did Pericles die? (Thomas Martin, Ancient Greece, pp.192-194). c) Did the Athenian leaders who came after him maintain or deviate from his strategy?
V. Alcibiades, is an enigmatic figure in Greek history since he possessed great talents but ultimately was extremely treacherous. a) List 2 positive qualities and 2 negative/destructive qualities of Alcibiades. b) After Alcibiades defected to the Spartans, what advice (2 instructions) did he give the Spartans that was especially destructive to the Athenians? (Thucydides, pp. 298-346; Ancient Greece, Chapter 8)?

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