Directions for paper: Interview two people, one male and one female, with whom

Directions for paper: Interview two people, one male and one female, with whom you work or who are in your future profession, and gather information about regarding the occupational stressors of their profession. Prepare 3 page essay summarizing the responses and compare and contrast the gender differences in stress encountered and stress management techniques used. I AM A RN IN SURGERY AND WANT TO FOCUS ON FEMALE PHYSICIAN ENTERING THE PROFESSIONAL OF ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY WHICH IS PRIMARILY DOMINATED BY MALE PHYSICIAN’S. SO, FEMALE ORTHOPEDIC MD’S VS MALE PHYSICIAN MD’S.
General written instructions: double space, 12pt font, APA format, incorporating references to text concepts – with the page numbers of the textbook, to indicate that you can relate the text/course information to your personal experience/thoughts. Pages have to be numbered starting from the cover page to the reference page.
My text is Comprehensive Stress management 15th edition McGraw Hill. References should be made from this textbook and others maybe used, but primarily this textbook.
I have attached my cover page as I always use the same one, please use it.
Gender Differences and Stress Management – Assignment #5
Kendra Paquin
Department of Psychology, Arapahoe Community College
PSY116 – Stress Management
Allison Hagood
Please center the above in the middle of the page and don’t forget to start to number with page 1 in the right upper corner.
I have had a terrible emergency and have to have this done.

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