Competency: In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:
Apply cultural knowledge to enhance communication within a healthcare organization. Scenario: Crystal Creek is a long-term care facility that provides rehabilitative, restorative, and ongoing skilled nursing care to patients in need of assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, eating, and walking. Crystal Creek has a small administrative team of senior-level managers that establish healthcare standards, make strategic policy decisions, and oversee personnel in support of the facility’s vision for long-term care. As a member of this team, you have a dual mission. You must ensure that residents are provided high-quality medical and personal care, and that operations, finances, and personnel are managed effectively. On a daily basis, you and your staff at Crystal Creek interact with culturally diverse clients and their families. It is a multicultural workplace. To ensure that your residents continue to receive high-quality care that exemplifies cultural humility, and that coworkers interact respectfully, you’ve decided to plan a 30-minute lunch and learn, a seminar with free lunch for the staff. Directions: As a healthcare administrator at Crystal Creek, you want your staff to communicate with diverse populations and establish rapport with their clients and coworkers. To ensure that your staff communicates effectively, you will host a 30-minute lunch and learn on how cultural knowledge enhances communication within healthcare facilities. During the initial 20 minutes, you will talk about how cultural knowledge enhances communication, care, and population health outcomes. During the last 10 minutes, you will answer questions from the crowd. Your presentation (10–15 slides, with comprehensive speaker notes totaling 1,000–1,500 words) should teach participants about cultural awareness and healthcare. First, you will describe the key concepts and principles of providing culturally relevant healthcare. Then, you will discuss how to apply cultural knowledge to facilitate communication with patients and coworkers. Your discussion will include a scenario to examine with the group. Finally, you will explain how healthcare organizations apply cultural knowledge to improve population health outcomes. In your presentation, include slides that encompass the following:
Descriptions of key concepts related to the application of cultural knowledge in a healthcare environment (2–4 slides)
What is cultural knowledge (cultural competence, cultural humility, cultural skills, and cultural awareness)?
How would you explain these terms in your own words?
What are the key elements or principles of each?
An analysis of how cultural knowledge facilitates communication with patients and coworkers (2–4 slides)
How can cultural knowledge impact how you communicate with your patients and coworkers?
How does your own culture affect how you communicate and interact with others verbally and nonverbally?
What assumptions do you make about interactions with patients and coworkers in a healthcare environment?
How can you demonstrate mutual respect and cultural humility with patients and coworkers?
How can you ensure that your own personal beliefs do not interfere with your ability to provide culturally relevant care?
A brief role-play scenario about how to apply cultural knowledge to an interaction with a patient or coworker (2–3 slides)
Write a brief role scenario (about three to five sentences) describing an instance when cultural knowledge could be applied to enhance communication in healthcare. Your scenario should have at least two people. It should describe a realistic interaction. You should situate each person in the scenario by describing them and specifying the topic of the conversation. Explain the cultural characteristics of each person.
In another slide, explain how you could use cultural knowledge to foster communication in your scenario.
A discussion of how healthcare organizations foster cultural awareness among their staff and local communities (1–2 slides)
How do healthcare organizations raise cultural awareness among their staff and local communities? Provide at least two specific examples.
A discussion of how healthcare organizations apply cultural awareness to improve population health outcomes (1–2 slides)
How does cultural knowledge impact population health outcomes? Include at least one specific example to support your assertions.
What are population health, health disparities, and socioeconomic and non-socioeconomic factors? Describe these terms as an aspect of your response. What to Submit: Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:
Lunch and Learn Presentation (10–15 slides with comprehensive speaker notes totaling 1,000–1,500 words)
Create a presentation for a 30-minute lunch and learn or informational seminar for your employees. Focus your 20-minute presentation (allowing 10 additional minutes for questions) on how cultural knowledge enhances communication in the healthcare field. You must describe evolving terminology, apply cultural knowledge to interactions with patients and coworkers, and discuss how the application of cultural knowledge impacts population health outcomes. You will submit your slides with comprehensive speaker notes. Your speaker notes should reflect what you would say in an audio or in-person presentation.

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